iBackpack - Next Generation BackPack Launching Through Indiegogo

iBackPack has taken a normal backpack and filled it with technology. It allows anyone to become their own WIFI Hotspot and up to 6 friends connect at one time. The Tesla style battery is powerful enough to charge 6 iPads or 12 iPhones from scratch. the Bluetooth speaker system plays music, retractable power cord makes it easy to recharge all electronics, Bluetooth, GPS capabilities and much more.

​​Almost anyone has used or is using a backpack at one point in their life. This is the underlying principle DayBreak Design CEO Doug Monahan started on in order to conceptualize the iBackPack - dubbed by the design firm as the Next Generation Backpack. Strategically designed to discreetly store a Lithium Polymer battery system, multiple USB ports, a retractable power USB cord, Bluetooth connectivity, a GPS tracking system and more, it also has proper storage for all your gadgets and anything else essential to your lifestyle.

The ibackpack.co project was born out of questions asked in today’s everyday lifestyle, and with wearable tech now starting a trend with the likes of the Apple Watch and Pebble Time, it was only about time that a humble back-to-school backpack would get a technology overhaul. Also having to come across the success of the Coolest Cooler in the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Doug Monahan became inspired and wanted to make a product similar to that idea. What came up was a question of what mundane tool was everyone already using that can be aggregated with different practical technologies. Soon enough, the backpack came up. The team then decided to revolutionize this everyday bag into something that fits today’s tech-advanced world.

"Our iBackPack is revolutionary technology, great for anyone from age eight to eighty"

Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

So why a backpack? Well, in comparison to the Coolest Cooler, a backpack is more than likely to be used on an everyday basis, no seasons to think about. Another factor considered is the fact that backpacks are not only being used by school kids, it has also become a trending choice for even business professionals. According to a July 2014 article by Time.com’s Brad Tuttle, “In a sign that indicates working professionals are embracing the delusion they could still pass for college students, many are skipping the tired old briefcase and turning to the youthful backpack as their go-to office bag of choice.” To further prove that fact, Tuttle cited a study by the NPD Group, “backpack sales among adults 18 and over were up 33%. Among adult women, backpack sales were up 48% over that time span, though men still outspend the gals on backpacks annually: $385 million vs. $311 million.”

After conducting similar research, the DayBreak team soon came up with available technologies that will make an everyday backpack into something more efficient to the times of mobile technology lifestyle. With everyone always complaining about not having enough battery life for their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S5, the team decided to put in a powerful battery system to charge such devices. With multiple USB ports, multiple gadgets can be charged up as well. Then there is this new basic need of always having to be connected to the internet. A personal WiFi Hotspot was also incorporated to address that. With choosing WiFi as part of the backpack’s features set, it also meant having the capability of sharing the internet. Next, in order to help parents with their safety concerns for their children, a GPS Tracking System was included. As for those who are always on-the-go, a Bluetooth Proximity Locator was also placed in order to always notify an iBackPack user where his or her bag is. To easily manage these features and with the DayBreak Design team excelling in mobile app designs, an inclusive iBackPack App Suite was developed to serve as the command center for this backpack’s features.

You think it stops there? Think again. There had been more features and accessories included and that is why the team decided to put up the website - ibackpack.co - to gather people around the world and vote on the features they think they want the most. The community is vastly growing and hopefully you’ll join in too. The next generation is already gearing up and you will soon find the iBackPack launching on Indiegogo this August 15. More updates to come.


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