iBackPack Extends Battery Line in Anticipation of Kickstarter Launch

Austin, Texas based iBackPack has added a new ultra-thin credit card style battery with capability to keep iPhone/Android or tablet charged in anticipation of Kickstarter launch.

The Austin, Texas based iBackPack of Texas, Inc. has updated its battery line to include an ultra-thin, credit-card style, battery. "The battery is small enough to keep in a man's front shirt pocket" says Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder, iBackPack. The product has 2,600 mAh power which is twice the power capabilities of the iPhone/Android device. Whenever someone may be losing power for their electronics, they can quickly and easily grab this revolutionary thin battery and keep "powered up."

"Bags, Batteries and Communications is he mantra at the iBackPack" says Ile Jugovski, Vice President, iBackPack of Texas, Inc." We are always on the look-out for any new technology that will enhance the user experience of those carrying a backpack and this new credit card style battery does that and more."

"The iBackPack received over a half a million dollars in pledges prior to the addition of these new high-tech features - we are confident the world will embrace the new working prototypes - especially with the addition of the new technologies" says Doug Monahan, CEO and Founder.

doug monahan, CEO & Founder

The iBackPack has recently completed its initial fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo - raising over a half a million dollars and thousands of loyal fans. The product features a backpack that was built from scratch in order to make room for electronic devices. "Backpacks were designed for school children, not adults who are carrying high-end very expensive computer and communications equipment" says Duncan Bonnici, Chief Technology Officer, IBackPack. He further states "We have built pockets with special honey-combed dampening systems in order to protect computers, tablets and smartphones."

Unique to the iBackPack is the level of detail the company is providing for secrecy. Through their thousands of Indiegogo pledgers the company has learned the iBackPack users wish to have secret pockets and hidden compartments.  The company has also build decoy pockets.  Should someone be searched by the police or other official agencies the chances of someone finding something that the user doesn't wish to be discovered are slim to none. There are money slits inside the shoulder straps which have the capability of holding up to twenty bills folded length-wise. The money appears to be part of the straps.


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