iBackPack Announces Belpink Partnership

Austin, Texas based iBackPack is proud to announce a strategic partnership with China's largest high-tech smartphone/tablet battery manufacturer, Belpink. The Chinese conglomerate will be providing iBackPack with the battery technology it needs in order to leap-frog above all other USA based battery distributors.

​​The iBackPack of Texas, Inc. is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Chinese conglomerate Belpink. The Belpink relationship will allow the company to compete head-to-head with US battery giants such as Duracel and Energizer. Thus far, they have held a semi-monopoly in the smartphone, tablet and camera battery space.

"We are extremely excited about working with the iBackPack team - each month we are approached by hundreds of US companies, all claiming to have the path toward large scale battery distribution - the iBackPack team is solid" says Hebe Chang, Belpink's OEM Vice President and Global Strategic Direction Leader.

"The advantage of crowdfunding is you get to know what the customer wants - as well as - of course - their funding." states Doug Monahan, CEO and Founder, iBackPack

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder

The iBackPack has rocketed to success in the crowdfunding space with the introduction of its flagship product - the iBackPack 1.0 . In less than a few months the company has been able to successfully raise over a half a million dollars through pennies, nickles, dimes and dollars pledged by those anticipating the product. Unique to the iBackPack is its approach toward raising the money to release its products into Wal-Mart, KMart, Target and Best-Buy. While other high-tech company's are pursuing capital through angel investors or traditional venture capitalists, the iBackPack management team, led by Doug Monahan, CEO has chosen to take small donations from anxious consumers vs. big-money from the VC community.

"We have many options for capital, but our view is if the customers really want our products they will rise up and show us through meager donations. It was originally meant as a proof-of-concept but has turned into a multi-million dollar revenue stream says Doug Monahan, CEO and Founder, iBackPack. "The advantage of crowdfunding is you get to know what the customer wants - as well as - of course - their funding. It also provides a huge sense of responsibility for it isn't a rich tech magnate who is investing in your concept - but instead a student who is mowing lawns in the summer-time to save up for your technology." claims Monahan.

The iBackPack team has been solidifying its Chinese Partner's relationship when Dr. Dre and Beats announced a product extremely similar to the core ear-bud technology iBackPack has been developing. The world is quickly becoming  mobile with 90% of all internet traffic coming from smartphones, notebook or tablet devices. The iBackPack is positioning itself to be the world-leader in this exploding space.

The iBackPack is launching a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter. Although the campaign is not live - you can view a preliminary draft here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97d0af


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