High Technology BackPack Launching Through Crowdfunding Sites KickStarter & Indiegogo

iBackPack has taken a normal backpack and filled it with technology. It allows anyone to become their own WIFI Hotspot and up to 6 friends connect at one time. The Tesla style battery is powerful enough to charge 6 iPads or 12 iPhones from scratch. the Bluetooth speaker system plays music, retractable power cord makes it easy to recharge all electronics, Bluetooth, GPS capabilities and much more.

​​​​Austin, Texas based iBackPack, Inc. has announced the introduction of an exciting new KickStarter campaign that begins August 15th and runs through Oct. 15th.  The iBackPack is not only a backpack - but is also a technology powerhouse hub. It comes with its own WIFI hotspot - providing high-speed internet access through multiple carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable and Direct TV.  Doug Monahan, iBackPack’s CEO, states “the iBackPack is revolutionary in many ways. In addition to providing internet access, the iBackPack has a Tesla style ultra-powerful battery bank, multipleUSB ports, built-in retractable power cord, Bluetooth stereo and proximity location system, sophisticated GPS capabilities, a mobile app control command center and much more.” The iBackPack was built from the ground up. Each and every component was selected by hand.

The iBackPack is ideal for students headed back to school, their parents and business professionals alike. We believe the iBackPack will surpass the Coolest Cooler as the 2nd most funded KickStarter program and perhaps the Pebble Watch who is the current reigning champion. People certainly use backpacks more than coolers, and the offer of iBackPack to incent KickStarter backers with free wi-fi for up to one-year is ground-breaking. The iBackPack 3rd party reward & discount program provides iBackPack owners with deep discounts from hotels, airlines, restaurants and software publishers.

"Our iBackPack is revolutionary technology, great for anyone from age eight to eighty"

Doug Monahan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Parents of students are empowered with the ability to monitor the whereabouts of their children via the iBackPack smartphone/tablet app. They can create “safe” and “no-go zones” and receive SMS text notifications surrounding same. Ultra-detailed reports provide even “helicopter parents” with a plethora of details. Google street and augmented reality functions are integrated into the iBackPack mobile app soon available for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

At an introductory cost of $149 the technology filled iBackPack is comparatively priced to standard run-of-the-mill backpacks with no technology, or discount offerings. A multitude of personalization should make the iBackPack a hit for students by allowing them to choose their school colors and even turn the iBackPack into a “Letterman’s Jacket”. “We have taken a staple such as a backpack and armed it more technology than most Wall St. Bankers have at their fingertips - and offer ultra-personalization via school colors for every high-school, college and university in the USA.” says Ile Jugovski,Vice President, iBackPack.co.”

See for yourself while we believe the iBackPack may become the reigning champion on KickStarter within the next 90 days. Visit our website at www.ibackpack.co. As an incentive for your writing/reporting/blogging efforts, as well as arm you with the ability to write further articles, we’d like to send a complimentary iBackPack. Visit our website at ww.ibackpack.co and provide us with your shipping details. Download our press kit which includes multiple images of the iBackPack, videos and other information to further aide your ability to write your review/news article.


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