"BulletProof" BackPack Coming to Kickstarter

The recent San Bernadino, California massacre that killed 14 and wounded more, has prompted Austin, Texas based iBackPack to move forward with a Kevlar style plate to be introduced into it's high-technology backpack. Doug Monahan, iBackPack's CEO & Founder states "It's about time some sort of system is provided to students, professors, business people - everyone - short of arming them with weapons - these days people need bulletproof shields and the iBackPack can provide same."

Doug Monahan, iBackPack's CEO announced today that his company, iBackPack of Texas, Inc. would be advancing its' plans to add "bulletproof" style protection to its backpacks. Within the last ninety days, iBackPack has been able to successfully raise over a half a million dollars on crowdfunding site indiegogo - http://igg.me/at/ibackpack/x/10019428

The high-technology backpack is due to be announced on Kickstarter in the upcoming weeks - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97d0af - Ile Jugovski, Vice President, states "it is sad that we need to advance our production time for bulletproof protection - but with the recent San Bernadino shootings - we believe the USA is under attack from extremists and we want to protect US citizens as much as is possible. The "bulletproof" option to the iBackPack is only a temporary - but effective solution. Mr Jugovski further explains.

"With the San Bernadino, California attack of December 2, 2015 we are pushing forward with our "bulletproof" solution for the iBackPack. We wish to arm everyone with a defense mechanism to protect themselves from mad gunmen" says Doug Monahan, CEO and Founder, iBackPack of Texas, Inc.

Doug Monahan, CEO & Founder

The iBackPack is a high technology backpack that allows WiFi/MiFi connection to the internet - thus turning every backpack carrier into their own internet "hotspot." Up to six individuals can connect to each iBackPack. In addition to providing internet communication, the iBackPack includes the world's largest portable battery - a 20,000 mAh lithium ion battery coupled with an additional 8,000 mAh backup battery. Additionally, the iBackPack offers numerous accessories including a credit card sized battery containing 2,600 mAh, a liptstick style case battery of 2,200 mAh, multiple 5,400 mAh batteries coupled with flashlight and many more innovative tools in order to ensure safety.

Should someone be in an emergency situation, the iBackPack iPhone/Android mobile app allows alarms to be set - thus letting your friends, family or ultimately the police the users exact whereabouts. Advanced GPS systems allow for the tracking of the backpack - and individuals carrying same.

Kickstarter is the world's premier crowd funding site. You can review the iBackPack's upcoming Kickstarter campaign and leave your comments at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ibackpack/2042355245?token=9b97d0af


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